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Key(board) Shortcuts to Success: Unveiling Salesforce's Latest Keyboard Shortcuts

Updated: Feb 28

In the fast-paced world of sales and customer relationship management (CRM), efficiency is everything. Every moment saved navigating through records or performing routine tasks is a moment that can be spent building relationships and closing deals. One of the most powerful yet often underutilized tools for achieving this efficiency is hot keys, or keyboard shortcuts. In this guide, we'll explore how to leverage hot keys effectively within Salesforce to streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

Enabling Keyboard Shortcuts

Before diving into hot key shortcuts, ensure that they are enabled in your Salesforce settings. Navigate to Setup > User Interface > Enable Keyboard Shortcuts, and check the box to enable this feature.

Navigating Records

Salesforce offers a plethora of hot keys to help you navigate records quickly and efficiently. Here are some essential ones to get you started:

Hot Keys for Navigating Records

  • Ctrl + / (Cmd + / on Mac): Opens the Quick Find box, allowing you to quickly search for records, reports, or other items.

  • Ctrl + S (Cmd + S on Mac): Saves your changes on a record without needing to click the Save button.

  • Ctrl + E (Cmd + E on Mac): Edits the current record you're viewing.

  • Ctrl + F (Cmd + F on Mac): Opens the Find toolbar, useful for searching within lists or reports.

  • Tab + Enter: Quickly moves between fields and saves changes on a record.

  • Crtl + P (Cmd + P on Mac): Prints the current record or page.

Managing Lists and Reports

Keyboard shortcuts aren't just for navigating individual records; they can also streamline your interactions with lists and reports in Salesforce. Here are a few examples:

Hot Keys for Managing Lists and Reports

  • Ctrl + Shift + J (Cmd + Shift + J on Mac): Selects all items in a list view.

  • Ctrl + Shift + K (Cmd + Shift + K on Mac): Deselects all selected items in a list view.

  • Ctrl + Shift + R (Cmd + Shift + R on Mac): Refreshes the current page, ensuring you have the latest data.

  • Ctrl + Up Arrow (Cmd + Up Arrow on Mac): Moves to the first record in a list view.

  • Ctrl + Down Arrow (Cmd + Down Arrow on Mac): Moves to the last record in a list view.

Customizing Hot Keys

One of the great features of Salesforce is the ability to customize hot keys to suit your specific workflows. To do this, navigate to Setup > User Interface > Keyboard Shortcuts, and click "Edit Shortcuts." Here, you can assign custom shortcuts to various actions within Salesforce, including custom objects and applications.

Expanding Your Keyboard Shortcut Arsenal

In addition to the essential hot keys mentioned above, Salesforce Classic offers a wide array of shortcuts tailored to various tasks and functions:

Additional Shortcuts

  • Esc: Activates keyboard shortcuts mode, allowing for swift navigation within the browser displaying a console.

  • V: Selects the navigation tab, streamlining access to different sections of Salesforce.

  • Shift + S: Selects details on a tab, facilitating quick navigation within the active tab.

  • P: Selects the row of primary tabs, aiding in efficient navigation between different primary tabs.

  • S: Selects the row of subtabs on a primary tab, enhancing navigation within specific sections.

  • N: Selects the list view, facilitating quick access to different list views.

  • Shift + F: Selects the first item on the list view, expediting navigation to the beginning of the list.

  • R: Moves the cursor to the header search box, enabling rapid searches within Salesforce.

  • F + Right Arrow or Left Arrow + number: Navigates to footer components using numeric inputs, optimizing accessibility within the console.

Training and Adoption

Like any new tool or feature, training and adoption are crucial for maximizing the benefits of hot keys in Salesforce. Provide your team with resources such as training materials or cheat sheets to help them familiarize themselves with hot keys and integrate them into their daily workflows.

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