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Real Estate CRM Success Story

Updated: May 7

Peergenics boosted Keystone Custom Homes' efficiency and engagement through strategic solutions like Salesforce's Web to Case, Sales Engagement, Zoom integration, and data migration.

Read more below to discover the unique solutions Peergenics implemented to help Keystone Custom Homes succeed!


Keystone Custom Homes is a custom home builder that previously had many data silos to encompass home listings, community inquiries, prospect communications, tours, and the home buying process. In purchasing and implementing Salesforce, their primary objective was to organize all home buyer data and ensure end user adoption.


Peergenics streamlined the end-to-end home buyer experience and improved operational efficiency for Keystone Custom Homes by integrating with Zillow, collecting web inquiries in Salesforce, setup of Sales Engagement for cadences, Integration of BombBomb for video, connection of Zoom for conference calls, integration of the phone system Call Rail, a sync with Facebook, and a historical data migration to Salesforce.

"The biggest thing Peergenics did was they listened. They listened to us explain what was wrong with our old system, what we wanted from a new CRM and they not only set up processes to mimic what we had been doing but they suggested easier and cleaner ways to do some of the processes. Their thoughtful suggestions ended up making our processes and reporting much more robust." - Barbara, Senior Online Advisor at Keystone Custom Homes


1) Improved Buyer Management

By implementing the Web to Case feature in Salesforce, Peergenics was able to successfully de-duplicate any interested home buyers visiting the Keystone Home website. 

2) Enhanced Customer Engagement

By leveraging Salesforce's Sales Engagement tool, Keystone established tailored communication cadences for website visitors.

3) Elevated Operational Efficiency

Integration with Zoom for scheduling for showings and a significant data migration to Salesforce streamlined operations, enhancing efficiency.


Peergenics was able to help Keystone Custom Homes save 105+ hours annually with their revamped reports.

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