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Peergenics is an award-winning certified partner of Salesforce and a proven consulting partner with hundreds of successful implementations, projects, support solutions, trainings, and staffing engagements. 

Our journey started with our late founder, Donna Pearson. At age 42, she started Contemporary Staffing Solutions and achieved $20M in sales within six years. CSS has successfully launched multiple businesses over the years, including professional search and professional services. Peergenics pivots off this cohesive family of companies.  

Since 2017, Peergenics, formerly known as CSS Tec Services, has built many collaborative relationships to further the success of their customer’s businesses throughout their Salesforce journey. We are especially successful in the Banking, Financial Services, Mortgage and Insurance, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Logistics, Energy, Utility, and Retail industries. 

We drive value with a portfolio of on-demand services designed to help businesses maximize the value of their Salesforce investments through the entire applications and technology lifecycle. Peergenics has understood the challenges that accompany working remotely and the digital transformation. We are eager to support companies as they look to enhance visibility, accountability, and profitability on the Salesforce platform.

The name Peergenics is a synergy of both client and consultant to create a stunning combination of business processes and technology. “Peer” represents working together as a community, followed by “genics,” meaning to move forward. We felt this truly embodies who we are: “Together, we help move you forward.” The six stars in the logo represent our core values: winning spirit, team oriented, integrity, accountable, coachable, and fun! 

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