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Insurance Client Success Stories

If Salesforce is the umbrella program of your enterprise insurance operation, reach out to Peergenics, a multi-faceted Salesforce Ridge partner to provide expert Salesforce staffing and service solutions.

Care management client was in dire need of a cost-effective CRM

Problem: An insurance client in the field of care management had no CRM and needed a full implementation.

Solution: They reached out to the experts at Peergenics who helped implement a Salesforce CRM infrastructure in a very cost-efficient way. Peergenics made sure to make the instance as customizable as possible so the client could implement new ideas as it grew.

Life insurance provider needed CPQ software for its finance team

Problem: This life insurance client lacked configuration, price, and quote (CPQ) software, a sales tool used to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders that its finance team needed.

Solution: Peergenics implemented Salesforce CPQ for this client’s finance team who also used Peergenics’ managed services for full integration.

Mortgage insurance group suffered long change deployment time

Problem: This mortgage insurance client needed consistent Salesforce servicing, especially with its slow change management cycles.

Solution: Peergenics completely reworked this client’s change management cycle which cut the change management timeline down to 1/3 of the previous time. The client was so impressed that they brought on Peergenics’ managed services to regularly manage their Salesforce instances.

Insurance educational resource and research body needed to integrate acquisitions

Problem: A non-profit education center and research body for those in the insurance risk management niche had recently acquired several new companies. They were challenged with the task of bringing their newly acquired parts onto their centralized Salesforce.

Solution: Peergenics took the reins and developed a Salesforce onboarding acquisition strategy which included data migration, enhanced visibility and security, and individual business process accommodation. Peergenics did this all while maintaining a clean and user-friendly centralized Salesforce.

Insurance agency suffered slow resolution times with a former Salesforce partner

Problem: A leading insurance client was working with an offshore Salesforce resource who was slow to resolve requests and logged long wait times to query responses.

Solution: Peergenics was able to solve a particular query of this client in two hours that the client had been waiting two months to solve with their previous Salesforce resource. Peergenics now oversees all new Salesforce initiatives for this client as they grow and develop. The client also continues to staff their internal salesforce team through Peergenics’ talent team.

Configure all your Salesforce tool capabilities and build out your Salesforce team of experts today with Peergenics

To maximize your Salesforce capabilities across teams, reach out to Salesforce Ridge Partner, Peergenics to guide you through the implementation, configuration, and analysis processes. Peergenics partners with Salesforce to provide their clients with expert core platform implementation, custom development, and Managed Services support. Peergenics is also a leader in Salesforce staffing and has helped hundreds of clients find top-notch Salesforce talent to meet their hiring goals. Connect with Peergenics today and smash your company KPIs and streamline your information!

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