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Automation Optimization Success Story

Peergenics streamlined Sitecore’s Salesforce automation through analysis, planning, and execution, resulting in efficiency gains, reduced technical debt, and improved scope management.

Read more below to discover the unique solutions Peergenics implemented to help Sitecore succeed!


Peergenics was able to convert 100+ workflow rules and process builders to flows.


Over multiple years, Sitecore’s Salesforce platform accumulated numerous disparate processes, causing inefficiencies and conflicts. When Salesforce mandated transitioning everything to flows, their existing challenges were amplified, necessitating urgent resolution.


Peergenics meticulously analyzed Sitecore’s Salesforce platform, crafting a tailored migration plan aligned with their needs and industry best practices, then expertly executed the transition while collaborating closely with their internal team, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

"Peergenics did not add any fluff to their plan but rather focused on having an expert to manage and perform the work, working closely with our own subject matter experts." - Michael, VP of Business Solutions at Sitecore


1) Documentation and Streamlining

Sitecore's automation processes are now well-documented, streamlined, and consistent across Salesforce, reducing confusion and improving efficiency.

2) Increased Optimization

The migration project enhanced system performance, saving the internal team time that was being spent maintaining outdated automation.

3) Improved Automation Management

With a clear understanding of revamped processes, Sitecore’s team can now scope and execute changes to existing flows more effectively.

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To maximize your Salesforce capabilities across teams, reach out to Salesforce Ridge Partner, Peergenics to guide you through the implementation, configuration, and analysis processes. Peergenics partners with Salesforce to provide their clients with expert core platform implementation, custom development, and Managed Services support. Peergenics is also a leader in Salesforce staffing and has helped hundreds of clients find top-notch Salesforce talent to meet their hiring goals. Connect with Peergenics today and smash your company KPIs and streamline your information!

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