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A Conversation with Kevin Ryan, Sr. Account Executive

This past month, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Peergenics' Sr. Account Executive, Kevin Ryan. With over two years of experience and a passion for delivering top-notch Salesforce solutions, Kevin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.

Connect with Kevin directly or reach out to the Peergenics organization for our expert Salesforce training, project execution, cloud implementation, and countless other Salesforce-managed services!

Let’s get into the interview with Kevin!

Describe your biggest win at Peergenics.

My biggest win actually doesn’t involve a closing a big deal or a promotion, but rather earning my certification as a Salesforce administrator. It isn’t an easy test to pass, and I was proud of myself for passing on my first attempt. It’s also something that adds great benefit to my ability as a seller to really have a strong understanding of the Salesforce platform when speaking to clients and prospects.

In what areas have you grown the most professionally at Peergenics and how have you seen Peergenics grow as a whole during your time here?

Professionally, I have grown enormously in my 2.5 years here. Sales was a brand new career for me when I began here (I had spent 6 years in development/fundraising prior), so I feel like I’ve grown and learned every day on the job. From general sales methodology and learning how to run a full sales cycle, to growing in knowledge on our services and the Salesforce platform – I’ve noticed growth in all areas.

Seeing the growth at Peergenics has been really cool to witness. Through some ups and downs, we have continued to grow in revenue and client base while maintaining our incredible expertise and customer satisfaction. Our project management and solutions teams go above and beyond and continue to wow me every day.


What's a go-to Salesforce tool that makes your life easier from day to day?

This is definitely Inbox – the Salesforce/Outlook integration which allows me to log emails and contacts from Outlook directly into Salesforce. It has been invaluable in organizing and tracking client and prospect communication.


What culturally stands out about the Peergenics team that breeds success?

Leadership. Chuck and Liana are player-coaches. They are right there with the rest of the team on the front lines talking to clients, being hands on, jumping in to help when needed, and more. It’s a testament to their dedication and care for Peergenics, and it’s admirable to see.


A quote to live by and why it matters to you.

“Enjoy every sandwich” – Warren Zevon. A subtle reminder to enjoy things in life. Don’t get too wound up with the things that cause anxiety or stress. Allow yourself time to enjoy the things that make you happy.

If you could be a guest on any talk show or podcast, what would it be and why? 

The Rewatchables. It’s a movie podcast that dives deeper into movies that everyone loves and has rewatched a million times. Think Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, Rocky, Goodfellas, The Godfather, Jurassic Park, etc. It’s fun, entertaining, and you learn a lot of interesting tidbits about the movie you may not have known.

If given the opportunity, would you go to space? Why or why not?

Honestly, no. Space is kinda terrifying. It might be cool to see Earth from above, but otherwise – what’s the point? I’d rather travel all over the world than go to space.

If you could be featured on a song of any musical artist, who would it be and why?

Taylor Swift. She’s the biggest star in the world, so even though I stink at singing it would probably still be a hit.

What are you most looking forward to at Peergenics in 2024 and why?

More in-person events and opportunities with clients, prospects, and Salesforce teams. We’ve been lucky enough to already have a couple of events with Salesforce in January. These in-person interactions are invaluable to growing relationships that will pay off down the road.

Connect with Kevin directly, or contact the Peergenics organization here for information on our expert Salesforce training, project execution, cloud implementation, and countless other Salesforce managed services!

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