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CSS Tec is Excited to Welcome Peergenics

CSS is excited to announce that the Salesforce consulting practice will now be independent of CSS Tec. The Salesforce consulting practice will operate under the new name Peergenics. Peergenics will remain a certified partner of Salesforce and continue to build off their history of successful implementations, projects, support solutions, trainings, and staffing.

We have taken the past few months to assess our services, brand, internal operations, and client solutions. The name Peergenics is a synergy of both client and consultant to create a stunning combination of business processes and technology. “Peer” represents working together as a community, followed by “genics,” meaning to move forward. We felt this truly embodies who we are: “Together, we help move you forward.” The six stars in the logo represent our core values: winning spirit, team oriented, integrity, accountable, coachable, and fun! 

Chuck George, Managing Director, has been the key driver behind the new name and rebranding initiative. He is supported by our President, Tom Verratti, and all business units at Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

“This is an exciting time in our journey! It has been a true team effort to elevate us to this next level. The passion, energy, and professionalism of our team is the heartbeat of our success.  While we pause briefly to celebrate this great milestone, we are eager to keep guiding our clients to their Salesforce destinations,” says Chuck George, Managing Director, Peergenics.

Why change the company name? 

Since 2017, CSS Tec has had a registered Salesforce consulting practice focused on Salesforce implementations, integrations, health checks, support solutions, and staffing. While Contemporary Staffing Solutions and CSS Tec support the company’s core staffing initiatives, the Salesforce professional services team provides new services outside of the staffing realm.

“We have had much success developing and nurturing our Salesforce practice over the last three years. As we vault into the next phase, the excitement of a new name will allow us to distinguish ourselves with a unique identity in this space by creating a name and logo that is identifiable to our customers and constituents,” says Tom Verratti, President, CSS.

What is the focus of Peergenics vs. CSS Tec?

Peergenics and CSS Tec have a shared vision of assisting clients with their digital transformations. Both business units support all verticals with specific highlights in the mortgage, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.

Peergenics specializes in assisting clients to make the most of their Salesforce investment. The Peergenics team has completed more than 300 successful projects across a variety of Salesforce products: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ, Communities, Field Service Lightning, Maps, High Velocity Sales, Lightning Dialer, and more! As Peergenics continues to evolve, the team is committed to providing outstanding customer service.

“As we evolve our business, brand, and processes, our team continues to be inspired by the same mission that started our Salesforce practice four years ago: to help businesses better serve their clients and communities through increased visibility, accountability, and profitability,” says Liana Trigg, Salesforce Sales Director, Peergenics.

CSS Tec will focus solely on talent acquisition and IT staffing solutions. CSS Tec will continue to bring quality Information Technology staffing and project-based solutions with proven expertise in SAP, Salesforce, infrastructure, application development, PMO, IT support, and data talent. 

Founded by Donna Pearson in 1994, CSS is historically known for contingent professional staffing and search solutions to clients, nationally. CSS provides both technical and non-technical top-quality talent, along with a proven search solution focused on building sales teams through contingent direct hires. CSS has been a leading provider of contract, temporary, and direct hire solutions. Nationally supporting talent acquisition with a focus in Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, Salesforce, and Call Center & Office.

Our Professional Service offerings include Salesforce implementations and project management operating under Peergenics, now independent of CSS Tec. Additionally, we offer a vendor-managed solution for large companies hiring in volume (staffing spend that exceeds $8 million, annually). Independently operating under CSSvsource, this MSP/VMS solution is designed to improve your talent quality while furnishing savings, ensuring compliance, and providing risk mitigation.

Our purpose is to deliver quality solutions, timely and effectively, so your business can surpass your growth goals. Our tenured team of leaders each average more than 13 years of individual experience at CSS and are guided by the core values of respect, team oriented, integrity, winning spirit, coachable and fun.

Peergenics is an award-winning certified partner of Salesforce and a proven consulting partner with hundreds of successful implementations, projects, support solutions, trainings, and staffing engagements. Peergenics has created a series of collaborative relationships with its customers to further the success of their businesses throughout their Salesforce journey. Peergenics works to guide clients to their desired Salesforce destinations to increase the return on investment customers see with Salesforce. Peergenics is especially successful in the Banking Financial Services, Mortgage and Insurance, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Logistics, Energy and Utility and Retail. We drive value with a portfolio of on-demand services designed to help businesses maximize the value of their Salesforce investments through the entire applications and technology lifecycle. With a 10-year heritage in the Salesforce staffing space, we have grown through both organic initiatives and key strategic objectives.

As companies transition to an increasingly remote workforce, digital transformation is at the forefront for many businesses. We understand the challenges that accompany the changes in the digital world, and we work to ensure our clients are positioned for the future. We are eager to support companies as they look to enhance visibility, accountability, and profitability on the Salesforce platform.

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