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What is MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) and how does it impact business using Salesforce?

"With cybersecurity threats, phishing attacks, and countless other nefarious acts undertaken to expose your company and customer data, Salesforce offers its new Multi-Factor Authentication toolkit to keep your data safe with the help of Peergenics," Says Chuck George, Peergenics Managing Director.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in a nutshell

Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA for short, is an added piece of software or hardware protection for your organization and employees to further ensure the security of their accounts, data, and other vital information. These security tools add on to your usual entering of a username and password to access your accounts and also add an extra layer of insulation on top of sms or open email verification checkpoints which are more susceptible to breaches.

Salesforce is currently spearheading its new MFA toolkit integration with all clients and customers implementing it with all systems adding an extra layer of data protection. What are these extra added layers of protection you ask? Let’s get a glimpse at some of the verification tools below:

Salesforce MFA tools

- Third-party authenticator apps

- Physical security keys

- Yubi Key by Yubico

- Titan Security Key by Google

What it solves

MFA tackles activity like phishing attacks, credential stuffing attacks, and numerous other data breaches that put your business, client, and data at risk of theft and wrongful exposure.

For the sheer numerical impact a successful attack like this can have on an unprotected organization, let’s take a look at a recent phishing attack on health centers in West Virginia, Minnesota, and Illinois. Health Security reported that these attacks exposed the medical information of 54,000 individuals in West Virginia and 28,000 in Minnesota with an unknown number of individuals impacted in Illinois up to this point. That’s likely over 100,000 medical patients data regarding health history, prescription needs, credit and debit accounts, and more stolen from databases.

Salesforce’s MFA layer provides the tools for data security and (arguably more important to the customer) mental peace of mind for all involved.

Current upgrade from Salesforce’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

On February first of 2022, Salesforce announced that all of its customer users are required to transition into its MFA offering as the next step in data security following Salesforce’s previous 2FA security system. This means that previous login tools like external email messages, text messages (SMS), and phone calls not longer meet the preferred security requirements to access Salesforce platforms and instead need replacing with one or multiple of the Salesforce MFA tools listed above.

Peergenics is at your service as an award-winning certified Salesforce consulting partner to help your business evolve while protecting data.

Peergenics provides superior Salesforce consulting solutions for organizations across a myriad of markets and industries in need of the highest quality Salesforce implementation, training, support solutions assistance, and more. Our talented teams continuously monitor market trends and adapt to newly-required specializations like Salesforce MFA integration as your Salesforce environment diversifies. Reach out to us here.

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