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Salesforce’s High Velocity Sales Package is Here to Streamline your Inside Sales Process

Streamline your inside sales lead pursuits with Salesforce’s feature-set of High Velocity Sales offering a simple, centralized structure. Navigate your sales cycle with the help of Peergenics.

Scatterbrained sales cycles in need of order

"Inside sales teams have more access to leads than ever before, and with that more data and outreach possibilities as well, "says Chuck George, Peergenics Managing Director.

This tsunami of information and opportunity, as advantageous as it is, can scatter across applications complicating processes and information needed throughout the sales cycle. Thankfully for those sales reps searching for that elusive hiring manager’s number or last week’s client email template, Salesforce solves that disorganization.

Salesforce’s High Velocity Sales, or HVS, is a feature-set of organizational components comprising a streamlined platform for lead development in the sales process. Representatives using HVS have the power to track sales processes with leads prioritized by HVS software for optimal ROI. Let’s take look at the applications and assets provided by HVS to expedite deal completion and processual efficiency.

What is High Velocity Sales made of?

The main features that make High Velocity Sales what it is are Sales Cadences, Work Queues, and Einstein Lead Scoring. Combined, these components build a living, breathing lead timeline, almost like a storyboard for an inside sales rep tracking lead communication points. Let’s dive into each component individually.

Sales Cadences

The Sales Cadence is the platform on which sales reps and managers build in pre-defined cycles of communication. These trailblazed communication guidelines can be catered uniquely to leads of a specific sector, team, or even based on outreach method. In other words, a communication sequence for a lead who attended a hosted seminar may be different from a lead who bought a relevant eBook, and so on. Sales Cadences are built using three primary tools:

  • Actions: these are the actual tasks that a representative completes when pursuing a lead. The four actions that can be programmed into the Sales Cadence are:

    • Phone calls

    • Emails

    • Set waiting periods

    • Custom actions like LinkedIn messages or virtual meetings

  • Rules: HVS Rules are used to move the sequence from action to action. Rules link actions depending on the outcome so if the action is a sales call and the outcome is successful, a rule may move to the next action of sending over an information pamphlet or scheduling a virtual call. If that same call action resulted in a missed call, the rule may steer the sales rep to a follow-up email as the subsequent action.

  • Listeners: Listeners follow an email action specifically, and act as a catalyst to continue to the next rule. A Listener can be triggered by a lead opening a sent email, clicking on a preset link within an email, or even when a rep receives a response email from a lead.

Work Queues

Work Queues are records assigned to each distinguished Cadence for organized lead pipeline updates. They allow sales reps to track progress on leads on a granular level in a specific portion of the lead process. Work Queues, in essence, magnify a particular action and notify sales reps that said action is ready to be undertaken, almost like a built-in virtual assistant.

Einstein Lead Scoring

This tremendous element of HVS uses artificial intelligence to determine which leads are most likely to convert to deals determined by whatever data a particular sales team decides is important. Leads can be scored and prioritized on data like client response time, past successful client titles and departments, or previous call time to list a few possible score units.

Accelerate your inside sales lead progression today with Peergenics

Implementing and integrating your Salesforce High Velocity Sales feature is just as important at the configuration itself, so reach out to Salesforce Silver Status Ridge Partner, Peergenics to take you through the implementation process. Peergenics partners with Salesforce to provide application configuration, Salesforce staffing, and educational support among other services. Connect with Peergenics today and smash your sales KPIs with the help of High Velocity Sales!

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