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Peergenics Kelly Woodsum Q&A

Kelly is the diamond standard of a team player in her role as a five-time certified Salesforce engineer with Peergenics. A relatively new team member, Kelly also embodies the expanding geographical territory of Peergenics’ services reporting out of the Chicagoland area.

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Connect with Kelly directly or reach out to Peergenics for the best Salesforce general services, staffing, and Conga services!

Let’s get into the interview with Kelly to uncover what makes her and Peergenics a Salesforce super-team!

Tell us about how you started with Peergenics and the role you're in now.

The amazing Tyler Disney recruited me to be a Solution Engineer at Peergenics. What is it about the culture of Peergenics that stands out to you?

This team works hard AND genuinely cares about the success professionally and personally of each person here. There is a culture of excellence as well as balance.

How has Peergenics contributed to your professional growth?

There is a wealth of knowledge on the Peergenics Team. I learn from the team daily, as taking time to develop new skills is both encouraged and supported.

What kind of influence has the leadership team at Peergenics had on you?

I feel cared about as a person. I feel I’m recognized for my contribution to the team. They make me want to elevate my consulting practice. What has Peergenics been able to offer you as a Salesforce professional that nowhere else has?

Interesting and appropriately challenging projects, support when needed, the right tools to manage work without creating tedium, and a fun team!

What accomplishments are you most proud of at Peergenics?

I’m still pretty new – but I’ve been able to hit the ground running and deliver value to our customers, and I am grateful to do so. What about the growth trajectory of Peergenics excites you?

I’m excited to learn from more professionals with varied backgrounds as we continue to grow.

What would you tell a Salesforce professional interested in taking their career to the next level about Peergenics?

I sincerely enjoy working here! You will learn, grow, and have fun!

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