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Manufacturing Client Success Stories

If Salesforce is the fulcrum of your enterprise manufacturing operation, reach out to Peergenics, a multi-faceted Salesforce Ridge partner to provide expert Salesforce staffing and service solutions.

Fluoropolymer production client needed an agile transformation

Problem: An American multinational client of ours manufacturing waterproof fabrics had a robust Salesforce instance and needed to adopt an agile platform for its thousands of end users.

Solution: Peergenics created new efficiencies in their instance by implementing new Salesforce products including Commerce Cloud. In addition, our staffing model allowed them to add resources to support new initiatives.

Military and police communication hardware client needed a CRM and Cloud makeover

Problem: A top producer of military and police mobile laptops operated an aging Salesforce platform with isolated data and no defined business processes.

Solution: Peergenics stepped in and helped this client transition to a centralized Salesforce Lightning CRM and then implemented Service Cloud so that their support team could service customers all on the same platform. This provided a better overall customer experience for a legacy company that continues to grow.

Preventable infection product manufacturers looked to maximize their Salesforce

Problem: A healthcare client specializing in infection prevention device manufacturing was already a Salesforce customer but wanted to leverage more of the platform’s efficiencies they had missed.

Solution: Peergenics ran a Salesforce health check and was subsequently signed by the client to support basic configuration. The client has since partnered with Peergenics to enhance sample request procedures and transition from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning. The client’s sister company even brought on Peergenics to implement Field Service Lightning.

Global military seating client wanted a Salesforce efficiency evaluation

Problem: A military client designing, and manufacturing vehicle seats needed a Salesforce partner to run a Salesforce health check to asses their platforms. Peergenics evaluated their Sales Cloud, Customer Community, and Pardot platform to find that the client had an abundance of duplicated information, validations, and workflows, as well as alarming security gaps for a military client.

Solution: Peergenics optimized their Salesforce instance to de-duplicate data, tighten security, and streamline their current configuration. Once their instance was optimized, the client brought on Peergenics’ managed services to perform deep-dive discovery on their self-implemented Field Service Lightning platform.

Configure all your Salesforce tool capabilities and build out your Salesforce team of experts today with Peergenics

To maximize your Salesforce capabilities across teams, reach out to Salesforce Ridge Partner, Peergenics to guide you through the implementation, configuration, and analysis processes. Peergenics partners with Salesforce to provide their clients with expert core platform implementation, custom development, and Managed Services support. Peergenics is also a leader in Salesforce staffing and has helped hundreds of clients find top-notch Salesforce talent to meet their hiring goals. Connect with Peergenics today and smash your company KPIs and streamline your information!

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