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How To Take the First Step Toward a Career in Salesforce

Interested in a career in Salesforce but unsure of where to start? Have no fear! The Peergenics Salesforce staffing and service experts have created a holistic guide to jump-starting your career with the world’s leading CRM software company.

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The secret to Salesforce’s dominance: accessible L&D

Making a career change is never as easy as floating a resume out and seeing what sticks. It comes with twists and turns as well as circuitous avenues and dead ends. Thankfully, there are global organizations like Salesforce invested in attracting capable employees through award-winning learning and development.

"If you’re interested in Salesforce but have no prior experience, you’ve come to the right place," says Liana Trigg, Peergenics Salesforce Sales Director.

For a sense of scale, Salesforce and its global partners reported $383 billion in 2022 and are expected to produce $724 billion in 2026. In an uncertain economy like this one, Salesforce is a great career bet. Shifting your sails in the winds of employment can be unsettling, so here are six tips to set your course toward a career Salesforce.

1. Start with research

A major strength of the Salesforce working community is its diversity of talent. There are lucrative careers available for account executives and architects alike, and many develop skills across functions with Salesforce’s over 40+ certifications.

To explore these endless possibilities, visit the Salesforce Trailhead site and research to your heart’s content.

2. Connect with an expert Salesforce staffing and service agency like Peergenics

Job hunting alone is like aiming for a dart board in a dark room. To make your search efficient and effective, connect with an expert Salesforce consultant at Peergenics, a certified Salesforce Ridge partner. Expert consultants at Peergenics are committed to matching entry-level and experienced Salesforce professionals with the best opportunities on the market. Bullseye.

3. Brand yourself as a Salesforce enthusiast

Advertising your experience on the open market has never been so dynamic. Static resumes in Word, PDF, or other fixed forms are often one of the final places a prospective employer evaluates for fit. If that’s the case, where do they start searching and where should you focus your self-promotion?

LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn. Take time to update your skillets both hard and soft. Send and receive recommendations from your network to endorse your skills. Link In and/or follow top Salesforce professionals for the latest news. Get into the habit of sharing Salesforce content on your personal LinkedIn to market yourself as a thought leader and show enthusiasm for the platform. The legwork of researching and attaining skills and certifications on Trailhead or other cert platforms means nothing if no one knows about them.

4. Earn your first certification

Speaking of attaining skills… get your first cert! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that many entry-level Salesforce roles only require one certification. After you’ve chosen the entry-level certification that you’d like to start with, use a study tool like Trailblazer to prepare yourself for your exam. Trailblazer gamifies your learning experience to make acquiring your first and then subsequent certs more enjoyable!

5. Apply your own industry experience

You may not have direct experience in Salesforce, but there’s almost a guarantee you have experience in a field that uses it. When job searching and interviewing, keep an eye on sectors in your wheelhouse. If you’re able to sell specific sector experience, you might just bypass a technical Salesforce prerequisite for an entry-level role.

6. Get involved with the Salesforce Ohana community

The Salesforce Ohana community is an ideal resource for not only someone starting out in Salesforce but for industry veterans as well. These communities, in-person and virtual, offer connections for enthusiasts and employees alike to share thoughts, ideas, challenges, and advice with one another about all things Salesforce. For a first-timer, these communities are valuable networking ecosystems where you can gauge Salesforce career opportunities and form lifelong colleague relationships.

Partner with Peergenics to meet all your Salesforce needs   

Salesforce gurus at Peergenics have the skills and experience to maximize the capabilities of your Salesforce products and staff. Peergenics is a proud Ridge Partner (Silver Status) of Salesforce and continually provides its clients with the best new offerings on the market. Connect with Peergenics today to streamline your Salesforce job hunt!  

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