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Healthcare Client Success Stories

If Salesforce is the lifeblood of your enterprise healthcare operation, reach out to Peergenics, a multi-faceted Salesforce Ridge partner to provide expert Salesforce staffing and service solutions.

Real-time healthcare facility location developer required enhanced user adaptation

Problem: A healthcare client in the business of developing and marketing real-time medical facility location systems was using Microsoft Dynamics as their CRM system which led to low adoption. Every time they pulled a report, they needed to reach out to a consultant.

Solution: Peergenics stepped in and helped them migrate 100 users including their sales, services, project management, and training teams to a holistic Salesforce platform. Peergenics is currently working with the client to further their Salesforce capabilities by developing a custom user interface for their knowledge articles in their community portal.

9-11 mobile application client wanted external Salesforce resources to enhance their cloud

Problem: A mobile application developer allowing 911 callers to receive alerts and responses from emergency medical services had an internal Salesforce team but wanted some additional insurance.

Solution: Peergenics has since extended its managed services support program to the client. Whenever the client’s Salesforce team needs expert analysis on an inquiry, they have a dedicated Peergenics solution engineer they can contact to enhance their Service Cloud instance.

Healthcare marketing client lacked an accurate forecasting model

Problem: A healthcare marketing platform developer was growing its services but did not have a dependable revenue forecasting model.

Solution: The client partnered with Peergenics who worked with them to build out a robust forecasting model in Salesforce so the client could better plan their financial future.

Clinical trial payment solution provider needed to upscale their marketing efforts

Problem: A provider of trial payment solutions for sponsors, CROs, and research sites had very limited marketing automation capabilities that needed expanding.

Solution: They purchased Pardot and brought on Peergenics to implement and integrate it into their existing Salesforce platform. Peergenics made sure to focus heavily on enablement through the integration to ensure the client’s marketing team was as capable as possible.

Configure all your Salesforce tool capabilities and build out your Salesforce team of experts today with Peergenics

To maximize your Salesforce capabilities across teams, reach out to Salesforce Ridge Partner, Peergenics to guide you through the implementation, configuration, and analysis processes. Peergenics partners with Salesforce to provide their clients with expert core platform implementation, custom development, and Managed Services support. Peergenics is also a leader in Salesforce staffing and has helped hundreds of clients find top-notch Salesforce talent to meet their hiring goals. Connect with Peergenics today and smash your company KPIs and streamline your information!

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