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Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Case Study

Updated: Dec 6, 2022


A national pension board of one of the largest spiritual community groups was having a treacherous time locating, accessing, and presenting internal documents through their Service Cloud and Experience Cloud Salesforce software. With a community of almost 1.2 million members nationwide, this organization needed to streamline its document search process. This system previously required building custom websites and content burning time and costing resources.

With its problem defined, this organization reached out to the expert Salesforce development and configuration team at Peergenics to alleviate its organizational pain and save time.

Keys to Success

To solve the issue of document locating, Peergenics developed a lightning web component (LWC) that could be used in both the client’s Service Cloud and Experience Cloud. The primary tool required by the client was a document viewer with a built-in index to navigate a vast library to search for specific pages.

The Peergenics-built LWC referenced data categories that comprised the content index, and the client’s Salesforce Knowledge base was incorporated to locate page details with an integrated search.

The Solution and Final Results

This new LWC tool allowed the client to ditch their antiquated manual document storage and retrieval process for warp-speed document viewing compared to before. Now that the client is able to leverage its KB with a new LWC tool, it has access to built-in reporting on views and change history throughout its document library. This ease of access has saved huge amounts of scrolling time through documents to find desired content or referenced material.

The client has a newfound flexible solution that can be translated and used in a similar way in other parallel operations units.

In Their Own Words

“This was a collaborative agile project which fully met our needs and was delivered early.” - Salesforce Solution Architect


Configure your LWC and countless other Salesforce tools capabilities today with Peergenics

To maximize your Salesforce capabilities across teams, reach out to Salesforce Ridge Partner, Peergenics to guide you through the implementation, configuration, and analysis processes. Peergenics partners with Salesforce to provide expert core platform implementation, custom development and Managed Services support to their clients. Peergenics is also a leader in Salesforce staffing and has helped hundreds of clients find top notch Salesforce talent to meet their hiring goals. Connect with Peergenics today and smash your company KPIs and streamline your information!

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